2022 Recipients of the Indiana State Erik Dalton Scholarship


The Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Endowed Scholarship

The successful collaboration between Indiana State University (Charlie Peebles) and Erik Dalton’s Freedom From Pain Institute (Erik Dalton) began in 2012 and was aptly named the “Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy” program. This partnership has resulted in the only minor degree in massage therapy offered by a major United States university. Students from this program commonly enter into grad school programs in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant and Osteopathic Medicine.

To elevate the status and continued growth of the Indiana State University program, Erik Dalton and the Freedom From Pain Institute finances an ongoing continuing education scholarship grant to help fund qualified and passionate students.

Each year we celebrate the recipients of the Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Endowed Scholarship. And the 2022 Award of Excellence Scholarship goes to…drum roll, please!…

This year we’re proud to feature two worthy recipients of the 2022 Erik Dalton Award Of Excellence Scholarship!  

Kelsey Bowlds is a junior with a double major in Massage Therapy and Applied Medicine. She is a member of the Track and Field team at Indiana State University and is on track to attend graduate school and become a physical therapist.  

She says “Earning my massage therapy minor degree here at ISU was my favorite part of all my undergraduate curriculum!”

“I would like to extend my dearest thanks to Erik Dalton for this scholarship grant. I am overjoyed to be one of the two selected recipients of the 2022 “Award of Excellence Scholarship” from the Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Program. Through your generosity it has allowed me to focus on pursuing my degree with financial peace of mind. I am a junior with a major in Applied Medicine and a minor in Massage Therapy. The Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy program does an excellent job of setting up undergraduate students for success after graduation through its use of clinical hours and several earned certifications. The passion of the faculty and staff in this program makes all the difference and I’m honored to receive this scholarship of excellence.”

Thanks again, Kelsey Bowlds

Hunter Morrison is currently a Junior majoring in Applied Medicine with a concentration in Pre-Physician Assistance and a minor in Massage Therapy.


“The Advanced Myoskeletal Massage Therapy Program has enhanced my ability to meet and talk with a patient/client for the first time, discuss their physical ailments, and develop an effective plan for correcting the condition. With the skills I’ve been taught by our talented faculty, I am much more comfortable assessing and treating using different myoskeletal techniques to start them on the path to optimal health.Through your generosity with this award, I am better able to meet my financial obligations as I continue to focus on my education. Again, I want to express my utmost gratitude to Erik Dalton and The Freedom From Pain Institute for continuing to support our one-of-a-kind minor degree programs here at Indiana State University.”

All my best, Hunter Morrison

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