Boost income with the right massage therapy CEU


Earning a massage therapy CEU is something that can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from taking a standard massage continuing education class to enrolling for a massage training seminar or even earning a massage online CEU. However, you want to make sure, no matter how you go about earning your next massage therapy CEU, that the massage therapy continuing education you choose will do much more than simply help you renew and maintain your massage certification. In order to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to massage CEs, you may need to begin by taking an objective look at the current state of your career.

A massage CEU should be something that helps to strengthen your practice in some way, shape or form. Though you may be able to earn a quick and easy massage therapy CEU by taking a very basic online massage therapy continuing education class—a class that perhaps only involves massage therapy textbooks and a few open quizzes—this kind of massage therapist continuing education is probably not going to do too much to improve your career, besides allowing you to earn the necessary massage therapy CEU for renewing and maintaining your license to practice.

When you consider the ways in which you would most like to see your practice grow, one common theme among many manual therapists may be the desire for more income. If this is the case for you, then you might want to take a look at effective methods for increasing your client base. This may mean enrolling to earn a massage therapy CEU on a topic such as marketing, which could teach you techniques for getting the word out about your services—in the right way and to the right people.

Along with learning more effective marketing methods for your practice, one of the best ways to boost income often comes down to providing a valuable service. If you can find a way to earn a massage therapy CEU on a topic that will allow you to gain more advanced or specialized skills, then you could begin to position yourself as an expert in your local area—the person clients come to and medical professionals refer to when dealing with specific issues and conditions. In order to begin carving out a powerful niche, consider searching for a massage therapy CEU program that teaches techniques for pain management.

This might mean finding a fascial therapy continuing education class or signing up for massage therapy online continuing education on a topic such as orthopedic massage. In most cases, CEU programs that allow you to learn deep tissue massage techniques for a variety of common client conditions can be a great way to begin your journey toward a more lucrative career. Also, consider searching for courses that center around the practice of massage for sports therapy, medical massage or very specific conditions, such as massage techniques for back pain.

A quick online search to find out what is myoskeletal alignment therapy will show you that this modality, developed by bodywork pioneer Erik Dalton, tends to encompass all of the above. Popular among not only manual therapists, but also those who are looking to enroll in athletic training home study and classes on movement therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) is a hands-on method that covers a wide variety of bases when it comes to the management and alleviation of all kinds of pain.

If you do a search to find an NCBTMB approved provider or a BOC approved provider, you will see that the MAT continuing education classes fit the bill. Therefore, these courses can not only help you to renew and maintain your license or certification, but can also give you the boost you need to take your career to the next level. With MAT skills, you should find yourself well equipped to address your clients’ complaints of pain, beginning with evaluation techniques that have been developed to root out even the most covert culprits that can cause ongoing pain.

As more and more clients begin to find relief from their pain via the MAT sessions you provide, you may find that word of mouth about your skills and expertise starts to spread, allowing you to expand your client base and increase your overall income.

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