CE delivery methods continue to evolve


In the past, attending Erik Dalton workshops required being on-site at a particular venue where the seminar was taking place. While these in-person massage therapy workshops remain a wonderful option for those massage therapists and bodyworkers who are able to secure a slot to attend, the development of distance learning and online courses dramatically increases the options when it comes to high-quality continuing education, such as Dalton’s courses on Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques.

The convenience and easy access of distance learning programs for massage therapy CEUs means that many more practitioners can find a way to “attend” class and gain the necessary skills and information to better serve their clients and improve their careers. Among the classes on myoskeletal alignment that are available via distance learning are Dalton’s “Lower Body Specialist,” “Upper Body Specialist” and “Posture & Pain Specialist.” Each of these three massage therapy home study courses comes complete with top-notch massage therapy videos and textbooks to guide the student every step of the way.

These distance learning classes can be taken in any order, and each one allows the student to earn the title of Certified Myoskeletal Therapist, along with massage therapy CEUs ranging in number from 20 to 32. Best of all, however, is the fact that these classes deliver an effective education on advanced myoskeletal skills and techniques. With a mix of deep tissue, joint stretching and myofascial mobilization techniques, Dalton has developed a modality to serve as the centerpiece of a manual therapy practice that focuses on pain management.

By choosing the right distance learning programs to increase your own expertise in noninvasive pain management, you may begin to see a steady rise in the number of referrals you’re getting, along with repeat clients. Once you earn the title of Certified Myoskeletal Therapist, you may also find that you have set yourself and your practice apart from others in your local community, which can translate to increased session rates and a nice boost in overall income. The key here is to have the skills and expertise to provide a service that will give clients relief from their pain and decrease the need for pain medication and possibly even surgery.

In order to deliver these powerful skills to even more massage therapists and bodyworkers who want to work in the arena of pain management, Dalton and his staff at the Freedom From Pain Institute have gone beyond the basics of massage therapy home study and developed an e-learning program that takes place entirely online. Unlike the home study courses that rely on books and videos that get mailed to the home of each enrolled student, this new form of continuing education relies on a computer and an Internet connection. The material is accessible with the click of a button, including professional videos, informative graphics, interactive forums and more.

From in-person seminars to home study classes to these newer continuing education programs that take place totally online, the more methods available for delivering high-quality continuing education, the more practitioners can improve their skills and careers—and the more clients who stand to benefit.

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