Enjoy Advances in Continuing Education for Massage Therapy Online


With advances and innovations happening all the time, the world of continuing education for massage therapy online is not unlike the field of manual therapy itself.

With advances and innovations happening all the time, the world of continuing education for massage therapy online is not unlike the field of manual therapy itself. In this hands-on industry, practitioners and clients are constantly working together to discover what might be the most effective approach to various issues. Meanwhile, researchers are exploring all facets of manual therapy for conditions that can range from repetitive use injuries and pain patterns stemming from poor posture to fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.

In the realm of massage therapy CEU online classes, the explorations and advances seem to be keeping pace. Even though there are still online CE classes for massage therapists that consist only of the most basic text and quizzes, these lower quality options are overshadowed by the emergence of a number of well-developed training programs that take place via the Internet. A great example is the Dalton 16-CE Technique Tour e-Learning (also available on DVDs).

These days, rather than commute to attend CEU courses for massage therapists, a large number of practitioners are choosing to take advantage of quality continuing education for massage therapy online.

Today’s massage therapy CEU online classes can be a far cry from the e-learning programs of the past. From video lectures and online forums to an array of communication methods and valuable course archives, these continuing education classes can be a wealth of information and serve as an important resource for ambitious massage therapists and bodyworkers. With features such as the ability to slow down and watch technique videos as many times as you want, distance learning via the Internet proves to have perks live training cannot always offer.

Continuing Education for massage therapy online proves to have perks live training cannot always offer – including the ability to slow down and watch techniques as many times as you want.

This is not to say in-person classes and seminars are not highly valuable for manual therapist seeking new and more advanced bodywork training. The point here is that online home-study programs serve as a powerful supplement and valuable option in the education and advancement of practitioners from coast to coast and around the globe. The increasing availability of worthwhile online continuing education means more manual therapists can learn from the teachers whose work they most respect and wish to practice.

Join the large numbers of practitioners that are taking advantage of high quality continuing education for massage therapy online.

A popular choice for practitioners who are hoping to move their careers in a more lucrative clinical direction is Erik Dalton and his Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT)® Credential. Enrolling in a continuing education class with Dalton is a proven pathway toward the practice of techniques that will help you alleviate and manage a broad spectrum of client pain. Dalton has been practicing and refining MAT for more than three decades, and the classes he has developed — from the live workshops and home-study courses to the continuing education programs that happen entirely online — successfully deliver the instruction students need to begin mastering these techniques.

In fact, Dalton’s teaching facility, the Freedom From Pain Institute, is an NCBTMB approved provider, as well as a BOC approved provider, which means Dalton’s CE courses have been vetted by both organizations. While taking any one of these classes offered through the Freedom From Pain Institute, practitioners can earn required CEUs while at the same time investing in their own careers and their clients’ well-being. Bringing this opportunity to more manual therapists around the world, Dalton and his team have begun to create and launch a full catalog of MAT classes that take place totally online.

Right now, students can sign up for the Dalton Technique Tour, the first fully accredited online course, in which Dalton demonstrates a selection of his favorite moves from MAT. This head-to-toe tour allows students to learn how to use MAT to address specific issues and conditions that range from SI joint pain, neck cricks and plantar fasciitis to low back and hip pain, scoliosis, and rotator cuff injuries — plus so many more. This seven-lesson course includes 31 assessment and treatment videos, along with accompanying hands-on descriptions, and it’s all accessible online immediately.

Soon, even more MAT CE classes will be available to attend completely via your computer and Internet connection. These upcoming courses include Shoulder, Arm & Hand; Motion is Lotion; Art of MAT; and MAT Assessments and “Brain-Pain” Client Advice. Thanks to advances in technology and the newfound acceptance of online learning as a viable option, manual therapists everywhere — not to mention their clients — can begin reaping the rewards of MAT.

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