Home Study Teaches Massage Therapists to Ease Neck and Head Pain


Home study is the perfect vehicle to teach massage therapists how to ease neck and head pain in today’s fast-paced world. As most massage therapists know, upper body pain of all kinds seems to constitute a large number of the complaints clients bring to their massage therapists. Pain that stems from one or more areas within the upper body is not only a problem that many manual therapists are asked to address on a very regular basis, but it’s also an issue seen by pain experts and professionals who span the spectrum from physical therapists and chiropractors to osteopaths and neurologists. For those who focus or want to focus on working with soft tissue to help ease upper body pain, the practice of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) fits the bill. Developed by industry leader Erik Dalton, MAT incorporates deep tissue massage, joint stretching and myofascial mobilization techniques to create lasting solutions to chronic pain patterns and problems.

When it comes to the kind of pain that plagues the upper half of the human body, there is one region in particular that appears to be especially prone to such pain. This region comprises the neck and head, and those manual therapists who have been in practice for any length of time can most likely confirm that clients present with neck and head pain nearly every day of the week. Because there is such a large demand for pain relief in this specific area of the upper body, practitioners would be wise to enroll in home study courses that strengthen and advance their hands-on abilities when it comes addressing neck and head pain. For a small taste of the kind of education one can receive in the realm of MAT, simply take a few minutes to view YouTube clips that feature snippets of the MAT CE course called “Home Study for Head, Neck and Upper Body.”

Home Study Programs Strengthen Skills

Home Study Programs Strengthen Skills

Using home study to learn how to successfully ease your clients’ neck and head pain is one of the best ways to boost your own business.

For starters, view the short video “Erik Dalton Treating Neck and Head Pain.” Pulled from one of two instructional DVDs that come with enrollment in “Home Study for Head, Neck and Upper Body,” this clip features Dalton demonstrating the A-A Atlas Axis Technique, which involves the atlanto-axial joints. Using helpful animation and dissection models as part of his hands-on presentation, Dalton shows massage therapists how to rotate the atlas on the axis, gently feeling for a restriction barrier as you move the head from left to right. This is not only a technique that allows the practitioner to search for restrictions, but it’s also a powerful move for mobilizing the upper neck joint capsules and facet joints. According to Dalton, this muscle energy assisted stretching technique should be part of the treatment process in cases of neck, rib and back pain complaints.

However, before you can begin to use this research-based technique for treating neck and head pain, it’s imperative that you receive proper training. Again, this is where MAT CE home study courses for manual therapists come into play. In the video “Erik Dalton Treating Neck and Head Pain,” you see Dalton working on a client and instructing the viewer to lock out the lower cervical vertebra so that all the back and forth motion of this technique is confined at the atlas axis. This is where the full technique details and in-depth MAT education found in the CE class “Home Study for Head, Neck and Upper Body” become crucial to the safe and successful application of this and many other effective Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques for common pain conditions of the head, neck and upper body.

Boost Your Success with the Right Home Study Credentials and Courses

Using home study to learn how to successfully ease your clients’ neck and head pain is one of the best ways to boost your own business. After all, these and other areas of the upper body are among the most common sites for chronic pain, and clients are more than happy to compensate the practitioner who can deliver a lasting solution. Massage therapists who are interested in learning how to provide Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques for the head, neck and upper body are encouraged to visit Home Study for Head, Neck and Upper Body. Here, you can find out more about how to enroll in “Home Study for Head, Neck and Upper Body.” This extremely popular CE program delivers effective pain-management skills and awards each class graduate the elite credential of Certified Myoskeletal Therapist.

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