Increase Your Salary as a Massage Therapist Through CE


A common desire among people in all kinds of professions is simply to make more money. If you are looking for ways to increase your salary as a massage therapist, choosing the right massage continuing education classes can be one of the best ways to boost income. Of course, it is crucial that you get any financially challenging business practices cleaned up and keep a firm grip on your budget as well. However, if you are still finding the need for more money at the end of each month — even with the best business and budget practices in place — be sure to look toward CE courses that can train you in techniques that will not only merit higher session fees but also attract more clients and employment opportunities, along with a larger number of repeat bookings and outside referrals.

How Can You Increase Your Salary as a Massage Therapist Through CE

How Can You Increase Your Salary as a Massage Therapist Through CE

When you can reap these kinds of rewards through massage continuing education, it becomes possible to begin beefing up your bottom line. In fact, besides trimming away any unnecessary expenses and pinning down the best practices for your business, enrolling in a CE program like the 16-CE Technique Tour e-Learning course that will teach you techniques that merit higher fees may be the most effective way to answer the oh-so frequent question of how to increase your salary as a massage therapist. This is not a green light to run out and sign up for the first appealing continuing education class you come across in hopes that this course will allow you to bring in more money in the coming months. Instead, this is an invitation to begin researching which modalities truly merit higher session fees and attract more clients.

If you are looking for ways to increase your salary as a massage therapist, choosing the right massage continuing education classes can be one of the best ways to boost your income.

In many ways, the law of supply and demand can be applied as you start to secure an understanding of the most lucrative methods of massage therapy. For example, given the fact that a large number of massage therapy schools mainly train students to perform techniques geared toward relaxation, one may find that there is a high number of practitioners who tend to offer relaxation methods of massage. In this case, that would mean the fees massage therapists charge for a session that focuses mostly on mental and physical relaxation may be lower due to an abundant supply of bodyworkers who possess these techniques. Therefore, if you are looking to increase your salary as a massage therapist, learning a modality that is already widely available may not be the best bet. Another way to phrase this is to say that it often pays to build a niche.

To find your own niche that will not only allow you to make more money, but also help to create a more rewarding career as a manual therapist, it is important to consider certain factors, both internal and external. On the external side, do your research to figure out which modalities tend to net the best rates. One great guidelines in terms of figuring this factor out is to remember that more clinical methods of massage therapy are usually booked for higher fees, due to the fact that the practitioner typically has a higher level of training and is seeing clients for issues that fall more on the medical side of the spectrum. As an example, a manual therapist who practices a more clinical modality, such as Erik Dalton’s pain-management method Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT), might be seeing a client who seeks relief from a specific issue, such as sciatica, rather than a client looking for general relaxation.

Of course, you will also need to be sure that the modality you choose to learn via continuing education classes is one that you believe in and feel passionate about as well. After all, along with effective, in-demand techniques, the practitioner’s attitude about his or her work can be a vital component of monetary success as well. This is where the internal aspect of choosing the right niche for you comes into play — you want to check in with yourself to make sure you feel excited about the modality you are choosing to learn more and more about. If that modality is MAT, check out Dalton’s catalog of classes to find out exactly how to get certified — and start building a niche — in this hands-on system of deep tissue massage for pain management.

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