Recap: Oklahoma City 2023


It was three mind-blowing days of anatomy, biomechanics, techniques, comradery, and fun in the heart of Oklahoma City for Erik Dalton’s Leveling the Head and Tail workshop. Over 225 therapists from Australia, Dubai, Iceland, Ireland, Canada, and the United States immersed themselves in the science and practice of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, an advanced bodywork system developed to address client pain puzzles.

The Leveling the Head and Tail workshop focused on the importance of taking a holistic view of the body. Instead of learning reductive treatments for specific injuries, the goal is to create biomechanical balance through optimizing nervous system function and reducing  mechanical stress caused by misaligned joints, trapped nerves, compensatory patterns, and protective muscle guarding.

Dalton exposed participants to a wide range of manual and neurological techniques to ensure the spine sits on a level sacral base and the head sits on a balanced cervical spine. Even participants new to MAT find that leveling the head and tail provides an effective starting point for addressing tricky client conditions. Every attendee received personal attention from the 23 MAT certified educators and teaching assistants correcting technique and body mechanics over the three-day event.

The All-Star MAT Educators and Teaching Assistants

Rock Star Vibes

Erik Dalton, a noted drummer in the 70s, playing with the Flying Burrito Brothers and Southwind brings a distinctive rock star vibe to every Oklahoma City workshop. From the big stage, to the lights, music, and excitement, Dalton puts on an event like nothing else in the bodywork profession. No Dalton show is complete without notable massage icon James Waslaski, working the video camera so participants can see techniques closeup or Diane Matkowski (the Massage Mentor) sharing excerpts on social media.

This year, Erik featured Adrienne Kesinger and Gil Hedley as guest presenters. Adrienne Kesinger is Erik’s daughter and a dual certified physician in internal medicine and pediatrics. Her presentation focused on identifying the various lumps and bumps massage therapists see during sessions. Kesinger helped MTs recognize “red flag” skin issues that require attention.  

Gil Hedley fascinated attendees with a stunning visual presentation on integral anatomy and the Nerve Project. A master disectionist, Hedley shared insights from his four-month deep dive into the human nervous system and what it means to live with a big brain and millions of sensory nerve endings. 

On the last day of the workshop, the Dalton Gang and workshop participants celebrated the 21 therapists who received the coveted Master Myoskeletal Therapist® certification. As the workshop closed and attendees gathered for the final group picture, the room resonated with the laughter shared, friendships formed, brimming hearts, and minds buzzing with new learning.

The impact of this workshop will extend far beyond the walls of the conference room. It will be felt in the communities, homes, and hearts of those who receive the gift this unique approach to bodywork. Each participant is now equipped with the skills to make a profound difference in the lives of others, offering comfort, relaxation, and a path to pain-free living. Here at Dalton headquarters we’re already looking forward to next year.

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