Good Times at the 9th Annual OKC Workshop


We want to send a big thank you to all the wonderful therapists who came from across the United States and beyond to attend the 9th annual Oklahoma City MAT Workshop, June 17th-19th. Over 200 participants left feeling energized and ready to bring their newfound knowledge to their treatment tables and take their practice to the next level.

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The theme of the workshop was Rhythmic Touch and Erik Dalton and Nate Fay set the stage with a jam to demonstrate brainwave frequencies and their relationship to various feeling states. For those of you who don’t know, Erik was a drummer for a number of rock groups, including the Flying Burrito Brothers in the early 70’s. 

Participants were eager to upgrade their skill set and boost referrals with Dalton’s extremely popular ‘hands-on’ pain-rehab techniques. They learned new brain-based functional assessments and hormone activating techniques. The event was visually spectacular with large screens on each side of the stage where participants could watch special video animations, anatomy dissections, and close-up views of Erik demonstrating, with the help of noted educator, James Waslaski, working the video camera.

Erik invited “celebrity” guest educators to come to the event including (from left to right) Michael McGillicuddy, Ruth Werner, Allison Denney, Paul Kelly, Diane Matkowski, James Waslaski, Dr Nick Cress, Aubrey Gowing, and Charles Peebles, as well as Eric Brown, Anne Williams and Bruce Baltz (not in the picture).
Two guest presenters shared the stage with Erik: Allison Denney, also known as the Massage Rebel, wowed the audience with her unique artistic skills. And Diane Matkowski, also known as the Massage Mentor, made the audience laugh and cry a little with her dynamic performance.
We’d like to give a special shoutout to the 16 therapists who recently got their Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MAT) certification. MAT certification is one of the most regarded certifications that a massage therapist can receive and takes real commitment to achieve, so these dedicated therapists deserved a round of applause.
The workshop can’t happen without an army of teaching assistants who are ready to support anyone who needs help. As Erik’s motto is, “No person left behind.”
And of course, we have to acknowledge Erik’s highly professional team of educators who conduct MAT workshops in the United States and internationally.
There’s no workshop quite like Erik Dalton’s Oklahoma City event. You have to be there to experience the incredible energy that’s shared, but to give you a taste, we’ll leave you with this little slideshow…

If you are interested in attending a Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques workshop, browse through the schedule and see what’s happening near you. 

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