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Short Leg Syndrome Part 2

A highly debated postural issue begging for a logical explanation is the SHORT right-leg syndrome” (Fig. 1). Although an inferred awareness of right-sided limb-length shortness

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Short Leg Syndrome Part 1

Short Leg Syndrome Treatment Techniques Leg length discrepancy, or as it has been alternatively termed, the SHORT leg syndrome, is by far the most IMPORTANT

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Reflexogenic Relationship Part 2

Myoskeletal Muscle Manipulation Through Joint Mobilization A confounding situation arises as the therapist’s fingers attempt to pry between joint surfaces to contact the short rotators,

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Reflexogenic Relationship Part 1

Reflexogenic – Producing or increasing reflex actions between muscles and joints. Myoskeletal – All soft tissues forming from the mesoderm including muscles, ligaments, joint capsules,

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Pinched Nerves

For decades, manual therapists, biomedical researchers and neuroscientists have battled over the conceptual ideology of pinched nerves. One group holds the belief that spinal misalignments

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Fixing Achy Hips

Structurally-oriented therapists are keenly aware of the crucial role proper iliosacral alignment plays in preventing compensatory low back and SI joint pain. During the 10-step

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