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The opportunity to attend a live workshop in order to learn new or more advanced bodywork techniques is wonderful — but it’s not always a fit for reasons that may have to do with one’s calendar or budget or perhaps a combination of both. In addition, the handful of annual seminars taught by Erik Dalton tend to fill up fast, so booking your spot requires planning in advance and acting as early as possible. Whether you’re unable to make it to one of these workshops or simply seeking more immediate continuing education that can take place on your own timeline, MAT massage therapy online classes offer the perfect alternative. Developed by Dalton to meet the high demand for training in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT), these myoskeletal e-learning courses are available entirely online.

Among the many benefits of choosing MAT massage therapy online classes is the fact that these courses are of the highest quality. When it comes to e-learning in any realm, students typically need to be careful about selecting classes that not only deliver the necessary continuing education units (CEUs) but also deliver valuable, effective training.

With the computer-based CE courses from Erik Dalton and his teaching facility, the Freedom From Pain Institute, manual therapists can rest assured they’re learning from an industry leader with a long history of excellence in continuing education. Adding to this rock-solid reputation in the field of manual therapy and continuing education, the Freedom From Pain Institute is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as an official continuing education provider.

MAT massage therapy online classes offer big benefits

Currently, there are two MAT massage therapy online classes that students can enroll in and begin taking at any time. The immediate nature of these e-learning courses is a big benefit, as students don’t have to wait to learn the skills they need to better serve clients and increase overall income. The process of signing up and getting started is simple — just click on the “Shop” menu on Dalton’s website and scroll down to the link for MAT e-learning courses. From there, you can select which online CE class you want to take and register right away. Both classes deliver 16 non-expiring CEUs, and these computer-based courses can be taken in any order. With a basic Internet connection and a web browser, you can start learning straight from Erik Dalton at any time.

Dalton Technique Tour

Offers a Tour of top MAT protocols for an array of pain conditions that can affect clients from head to toe.

Shoulder Arm & Hand

This e-Learning course provides training that focuses on pain issues that plague the shoulders, arms and hands, with more than 65 techniques for addressing common pain and compensatory patterns in these parts of the body

Treating Trapped Nerves

Discover new and novel ways to “free-up” painful nervous system restrictions using soft tissue and joint stretching techniques that fit beautifully in a massage therapy format. You’ll love how easily these routines integrate into your existing massage and bodywork practice, and your clients will be amazed at how quickly they are free of nagging pinched nerve pain emanating from the neck, thoracic outlet, carpal tunnel, low back and sciatic nerve.

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