The 23rd Annual Pain Relief In Paradise Costa Rica Workshop with Erik Dalton


“We are back from my 23rd annual Pain Relief in Paradise workshop in Costa Rica, and what a great time we had! Each time I teach this workshop, it makes me proud to connect to therapists who have joined us in the past and a new group of therapists who are all eager to learn MAT, brush up on their skills, and bring back a new approach to their clients. I just love hearing the stories therapists share about how MAT has elevated their practice. 

“Therapists joined us from all over the US, South America, and Canada. We had nine therapists complete their Master Myoskeletal Therapy (MMT) training, and I was so proud to be able to present them with their MMT certificates. Oh yeah! That’s a huge accomplishment, and I want to congratulate all of you newly graduated MMTs!  Thanks once again to everyone in the Dalton Gang present and not present at the training who helped make this workshop happen. I feel especially proud and appreciative to have had Nate and Scott, our MAT educators, as well as Judy, our lead TA, help out with the workshop on so many levels.  Here are some photos of the training for y’all to enjoy.  See you next year!”

Erik Dalton

Photo credits: Marla Gold and Scott Oglesbay.

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