Oklahoma City’s Cox Convention Center welcomes back international author and manual therapy educator Erik Dalton, Ph.D. for the 2nd annual “Posture, Pain & Performance” June workshop


An Oklahoma University graduate, Dalton is the founder of the Freedom From Pain Institute and originator of a very popular bodywork modality called Myoskeletal Alignment Technique. After spending years working as a certified Rolfer® and studying under legendary figures such as Vladimir Janda, M.D., and Phillip Greenman, D.O., Dalton realized that a much broader approach was needed to better help his clients in pain. Erik’s fascination with Janda’s muscle-balancing research challenged him to develop a way to incorporate and teach this elegant posturofunctional model to the bodywork community.

The Myoskeletal approach emphasizes the enhancement of function as an avenue to effective treatment of mechanical symptomatology. Designed for practicing “hands-on” therapists, this 3-day 24 CE event features innovative soft tissue assessment and treatment strategies for helping clients experiencing chronic neck, back, shoulder, and leg pain. The concept of the human body as an interconnected dynamic system will be stressed.

Special video animation, anatomy dissection and dozens of head-to-toe connective tissue techniques stimulate the visual learner, while relaxed practice sessions delight kinesthetically attuned therapists. The Myoskeletal Method focuses on unusual, interesting and fresh approaches that expand technique repertoire and inspire creativity and innovation. These immediately useful deep tissue and myofascial mobilization routines offer participants a variety of healing tools that set them apart in the eyes of clients and referral sources.

Topics include “hot-off-the-press” corrective exercise tips gleaned from this year’s Stanford Sports Medicine Conference. Functional movement assessments from Erik Dalton’s Dynamic Body textbook will help hone participant’s skills in identifying and correcting ‘weak-links’ and common compensatory patterns that lead to injury in our athletic population.

Erik Dalton’s Freedom From Pain Institute workshops are licensed for continuing education credits through the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Florida Board of Health, Texas Board of Health, and most other state and national licensing agencies.

Attendees will be flying in from around the globe, so get ready for a stimulating, interactive and entertaining learning experience. Please visit erikdalton.com for additional information.

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