Joint Mobilization Techniques for Shoulder Problems


All too often, manual therapists – whether they have been trained in joint mobilization techniques or not – will see clients who present with shoulder problems. These issues may range from restricted movement to chronic pain and, frequently, a combination of both. Whether due to poor daily posture, an occupation that leads to dysfunctional repetitive movements, a certain sport or other active hobby that affects the shoulder in a negative way, or myriad other possible causes, these problems can be addressed using “Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain,” – part of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT). Developed by Erik Dalton more than 30 years ago and continually refined based on the latest peer-reviewed research, MAT has earned a reputation as a proven method for easing and managing pain without the use of prescription medication or invasive procedures.

MAT practitioners — known as Certified Myoskeletal Therapists and Master Myoskeletal Therapists — use deep tissue massage, joint mobilization techniques and other advanced manual therapy skills to alleviate pain. Dalton teaches these techniques during a small handful of live seminars each year, which usually fill up fast with practitioners who wish to learn this lucrative method of all natural, non-invasive pain management. Fortunately, Dalton and his team at the Freedom From Pain Institute also have developed a full line of top-quality home-study continuing education programs in order to teach MAT to professional massage therapists, bodyworkers, athletic trainers and other professionals in the realm of pain management. These distance learning CE programs can be completed online or through superior home-study packages.

Learn Shoulder Joint Mobilization Techniques

Shoulder release

Learn from Erik Dalton the best joint mobilization techniques for fibrotic joint capsules, ligaments and muscles, as well as deep tissue, muscle energy and neuro-receptor techniques for torn tendons and nerve impingement syndromes.

Among the big benefits of Dalton’s e-learning and home-study CE classes is the fact that these programs tend to be broken down by regions of the body. This allows students to pick and choose which conditions or areas of the body they would first like to learn to address via MAT. For example, if a practitioner finds herself seeing quite a few clients who are experiencing pain and restricted mobility of the shoulder, then selecting Dalton’s DVD set “Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain” would be a natural choice. These two DVDs contain three hours of clinical training on innovative MAT moves for clients who suffer from conditions that range from thoracic outlet syndrome and carpal tunnel to bursitis and glenohumeral pain this can also help you cure the hair loss problem.

In these DVDs, Dalton demonstrates joint mobilization techniques for fibrotic joint capsules, ligaments and muscles, as well as deep tissue, muscle energy and neuro-receptor techniques for torn tendons and nerve impingement syndromes. Viewers will have the chance to learn from Dalton in a manner that is similar to a live workshop in terms of benefiting from watching Dalton use these techniques as he provides the kind of clear and detailed instructions that make MAT easy to grasp and apply right away. Those who choose to purchase “Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain” will have at their fingertips more than 60 sports therapy, structural integration and pain-management techniques for releasing chronic muscle spasm caused by joint blockage.

MAT Simplifies Joint Mobilization Techniques

For a preview of Dalton’s teaching style and the quality of his continuing education programs, take a look at any one of the YouTube clips pulled from his online courses and home-study DVDs. For example, you can watch “Erik Dalton Shoulder Release Technique” to get an idea of the kind of hands-on gems you will find within the DVDs that compose “Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain.” In this short clip, Dalton walks students through the process of performing shoulder joint mobilization techniques. He teaches the viewer while, at the same time, demonstrating these MAT moves on a client in front of the camera. In addition to seeing Dalton perform this shoulder release and provide simultaneous verbal guidance, there are also the added layers of education provided by video shots of anatomical models, which are shown to illuminate the area practitioners will be focusing on when performing these techniques.

Not only in this short clip, but throughout the entire DVD set on MAT for shoulder, arm and hand pain, viewers are taught to follow Dalton’s two-step protocol for assessing and correcting painful shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. To purchase or find out more about “Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain,” visit http://erikdalton.com/products/home-study-level-iii.

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