Sports Massage e-Learning Techniques


One of the most popular goals among manual therapists is to master the skills necessary to succeed in the competitive realm of sports massage. From professional bodyworkers to athletic trainers, these hands-on practitioners aim to master the skills that will allow them to deliver the kind of sports massage that has a positive, lasting impact on active clients of all ages and ability levels. If your own dream is to work with athletes and be able to help them regain, maintain and improve their performance levels, Erik Dalton’s courses like the Certified Myoskeletal Therapist (Lower Body Specialist) is a great first place to start learning. Fortunately, securing MAT skills for sports massage is something that can be accomplished through continuing education classes, and Dalton offers an array of top-notch massage e-learning techniques for those practitioners who cannot make it to a live workshop or seminar. These online classes allow manual therapists to learn directly from Dalton at any time.

Master the skills necessary to succeed in the competitive realm of sports massage through Erik Dalton’s massage e-learning techniques.

Master the skills necessary to succeed in the competitive realm of sports massage through Erik Dalton’s massage e-learning techniques.

The key for massage therapists, bodyworkers, athletic trainers and other manual therapists who are looking to advance their careers in the arena of sports massage is to attain reputable, effective training. It can be a waste of both time and money to take continuing education courses that may not deliver the knowledge and training you need. When you enroll in MAT classes, you are making a solid investment in your future, because MAT and its creator have earned a reputation for effective training and effective techniques over the course of nearly two decades. Today, Dalton is recognized of one of the leading experts on non-invasive pain management, which he achieves through a combination of proper assessment protocols, strategic deep tissue massage and joint mobilization techniques. This potent blend of accurate assessment and effective application of hands-on skills is what has made MAT such an in-demand modality among clients of all kinds, and particularly among athletes.

Sport-Specific Massage e-Learning Techniques

Clients of all activity and ability levels come to manual therapists complaining of pain, and there are certain complaints that appear to be more common than others — low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and so on. However, it seems that more active people, whether they are weekend warriors or elite athletes, tend to need the services of manual therapists more often. This is not hard to understand, given the fact that folks who are involved in sports and other physically demanding activities are placing more of a demand on their bodies and often engaging in repetitive movements. This, in turn, can result in more frequent issues with mobility, function and pain. In Dalton’s continuing education programs, practitioners have an opportunity to learn massage e-learning techniques that can be applied to the issues that affect athletes of specific sports. For example, MAT students can learn myoskeletal shin splints techniques in order to better serve runners and racewalkers.

In a video clip called “Myoskeletal Shin Splints Technique for Runners & Racewalkers,” manual therapists who are considering MAT certification can see how the modality is used to effectively address shin splints. In the footage, Dalton is seen demonstrating these myoskeletal moves during one of his live workshops. Step by step, he teaches students exactly where to place their hands, how to position their bodies, how to use their own body weight, and what direction to take each and every technique. Not only do Dalton’s students gain mastery of these movements, but they also learn about the potential issues that can cause shin splints in the first place. For the manual therapist who works with or would like to work with active and athletic people, knowing how to address an issue such as shin splints can be key.

More Massage e-Learning Techniques

Of course, the MAT routine for assessing and addressing shin splints in runners, racewalkers and other active clients is just one of many protocols Dalton has developed to address the wide array of pain-related problems that plague athletes of all kinds, as well as non-athletic clients. In order to access MAT massage e-learning techniques and start honing your sports massage skills immediately, you can choose to take one of Dalton’s e-learning courses, which happen entirely online. There are also several MAT home-study CE programs available, including “Myoskeletal Techniques for Lower Body,” which includes the MAT routine for shin splints and offers students a total of 32 NCBTMB- and BOC-approved CEUs.

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