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Whether it is a busy schedule of clients or a full slate of family obligations, there are so many reasons a professional massage therapist or bodyworker may feel pulled to consider massage home study CEU. The sheer convenience of online massage therapy continuing education courses has made this education delivery option extremely popular. As demand for the massage home study CEU courses has grown and technology has continued to improve, online versions of these programs have, in general, reached higher and higher levels of quality. This is great news for those manual therapists who are considering earning a massage online CEU, because it means it may be possible to secure a valuable education without having to commit to a long commute or days away from home.

Massage home study CEU courses with Dalton Myoskeletal are highly reputable and respected courses that are genuinely designed to enhance your skill and improve your practice.

Massage home study CEU courses with Dalton Myoskeletal are highly reputable and respected courses that are genuinely designed to enhance your skill and improve your practice.

A classic example of this type of evolution can be seen in the highly popular Technique Tour series. This course has been offered in the convenient Dalton 16-CE Technique Tour home study bundle with DVDs and printed tests. As you can see from the FAQs on how to access Erik Dalton’s online courses, this course is also now being offered in a fully-online version.

Whether you are seeking a continuing education class on deep tissue massage techniques or perhaps another form of fascial therapy continuing education, there are a few basic points that can be important to understand when it comes to earning home study or online massage therapy continuing education courses units. To begin with, you will want to know any details and requirements that apply to earning continuing education units to renew and maintain your license to practice. If you happen to live and work in one of the many states or regions where the field of manual therapy is regulated by a governing board, then there is a good chance you are required to earn a certain amount and possibly type of continuing education credits within a set period of time in order to renew and maintain your license or certification.

These details and requirements can change, so be sure to check and make sure you have the latest information before you enroll in any program for massage therapy cont. ed. courses from home. For example, you may find that you must enroll in NCBTMB approved online CE courses in order for the credits you earn to be counted toward the requirement for license renewal. In this case, you would need to be sure to search for those massage home study CEU programs that have been vetted and approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, also known as the NCBTMB. A good place to begin is with a simple Internet search, using a phrase such as, “find an approved CE provider NCBTMB.”

“Wile taking my exam, I had a few questions I didn’t understand and decided to use the support line. To my surprise, Dr. Dalton himself answered and helped with the more challenging aspects of exam and even directed me to some great supplemental readings.. WOW! I don’t think you’ll get this with any other home study program. A+ to the folks at the Freedom From Pain Institute!”

– Michael Krawchuk

Once you have pinned down any details on earning cont. ed. credits from a home study program that will count toward renewing and maintaining your license or certification, you can begin to focus on the other important points regarding this method of education delivery. Basically, it can be beneficial to understand that these CEU programs may take various forms, depending on the provider and the nature of the course. For instance, there are distance learning programs that are not high quality and simply offer students the chance to read material, take a test and be done with class. While such programs may make earning credits seem easy, they do little to boost the skills and knowledge of the practitioner.

As you search for the home study program that is right for you, be sure to look for classes that can deliver not only the CEUs you need, but also the information you need to enhance your career and increase your income. The time and money invested in these higher quality classes can result in real gains when it comes to building your practice from every angle. If you are unsure whether a class offers the value you are looking for, checking to see whether the provider has been approved by the NCBTMB can be a good idea, as these classes have passed through the NCBTMB approval process.

For students who are looking to learn about Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) while at the same time earning any necessary CEUs, there are a number of home study and online programs that offer an in-depth education on the various aspects MAT. Developed by Erik Dalton, MAT is form of manual therapy that aims to help clients resolve stubborn pain patterns and achieve effective management of their pain. An active manual therapist for more than three decades, Dalton is the founder of the Freedom From Pain Institute, which is an NCBTMB approved provider.

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