Reviews of Erik Dalton Seminars and Home Study


People often ask Erik Dalton to compare Home Study to going to an actual hands-on workshop? Both are very valuable learning tools and both have a place in manual therapy education. The Freedom from Pain Institute offers both. Home Study is convenient. Techniques can be studied over and over. The material is always there to refer to.

However, Erik believes that a student needs to be in a hands-on environment at least part of the time to learn from others, ask questions, interact with the teacher and assistants, see and experience the techniques first-hand and up close. Thousands of bodyworkers have attended Dalton Myoskeletal Alignment CE workshops over the years and there is always overwhelmingly positive feedback from their experience. If you are considering attending a Erik Dalton Workshop you may enjoy reading some of the testimonials from manual therapists across the country who have benefited from both his continuing education workshops and home study.

Please feel free to add any experiences you have had in one of Dalton’s workshops. He always strives to make his CE workshops the most positive learning experience possible. He learns learns from student feedback on how to make his workshops the best possible learning experience.

“I sincerely enjoyed your class for several reasons. 1) The material presented was something that I can actually use in my massage therapy business. It’s practical and effective. 2) the entire staff, every single person involved in this workshop was very educated and experienced with the material that was presented in the class. 3) Erik Dalton is extremely educated and involved in what he teaches. He has a sense of humor and doesn’t ever look at his students as stupid, regardless of what they ask. Thank you for an exceptional bodywork seminar. You and your staff are most enjoyable and I will recommend your class to others.”… Lisa Marie Simmons, FL

“Super Techniques you can use immediately! So easy on both the bodywork therapist and client.”… Sarah Mcdowell, MN

“Really enjoyed the workshop. I am looking forward to using the knowledge and experience with my clients. I definitely plan on attending the Costa Rica workshop! Thanks for Everything!”… Tim Taylor, TX

“Thank you for your wonderful manual therapy techniques and your contribution to our profession. The best workshop I have ever attended!” … Susan Phillips, MD

“Dr. Erik Dalton and the assistants were amazing and the class was great.” … Helen Stevenson, CO

“The first CEU class I have ever taken where questions were answered and the instruction was interactive. I really enjoy it and learned a lot.” … Alma Ireland, GA

“You have great teaching assistants. Really brings your techniques out into the room. Thank you for truly thinking out of the box.”
David Chinger, GA

“This was by far one of the best workshops I have ever taken. Thorough, informative, excellent!” … Cindy Mecker, TN

“Absolutely fantastic! I am so excited to apply what I have learned in my business, and I can’t wait to take another class.” … Amy Solloway, GA

“You all were fun, kind and really know your stuff, and really know how to help people get it. I will be seeing you in the future. This was the best workshop I have ever attended.”… Andrea McMurray, CO

“The class was informative and easy to follow. An excellent experience that was fun and very encouraging.”… Crystle Milbourn, MT

“This was my first continuing education class! I loved it and will be back for more.”… Grace Dempsey, CO

“Erik has so much wonderful information and does a great job teaching it. The excellent support staff is very helpful in making sure we understand the techniques.”…. Renee Jones, GA

“I read about your techniques in Massage Magazine and was so excited when you came to Dallas. It was beyond my expectations. Thank you for your contributions to the pain management profession.”…. Barbara Collins, TX

“I have been over 30 CE classes. They were all treatment. This class goes beyond that. Dr. Dalton is knowledgeable and obviously experienced and passionate about teaching bodywork. Excellent balance of life experience, knowledge, theory, and hands-on visual presentation. Thank you!” …. Sheryl Correll, WA

“I have studied Erik Dalton and his effective bodywork techniques for several years, but this is the first CE workshop I have attended in person. I absolutely loved it. Looking forward to more. Thank you for bringing it close!”… Sue Whitke, WA

“Everything was good and the excellent visual aids helped a lot and I learned quickly. The best seminar I have ever been to.”… Mary Babbit, AZ

“Thanks so much – I will use these pain management techniques every day in my sports therapy business. I will be back…. Gene, TX

“Dear Erik, I was wondering if you are coming to South Florida any time soon. I attended your certification course in Boca Raton about two years ago. I learned much more than technique from your course; I also learned new ways of seeing and understanding the body. My practice has evolved greatly from that experience. I also enjoyed hearing about the wealth of your experience. You were one of the few instructors who came with enthusiasm, humility and homage to those that had taught you – a breath of FRESH air in the bodywork biz. Thank you two years later. I have shared much of what I learned with other therapists and some went on to take your course. Keep up the wonderful work! …Jody, FL

“I wanted to send you a huge “thank you” for the fantastic service you did to those of us who work with pain conditions. I ran a session yesterday with a new client using almost nothing but techniques from your Spinal Engine program and it worked fantastically well. She is a young professional dancer and couldn’t believe how much better she felt after we were done (lower back/hips problems). She now thinks that I am the best thing since sliced bread but I know that I would not have done as good a job without your help.” … Michael from Amsterdam

“Mr. Dalton, Just from watching your youtube videos, I feel very strongly that every establishment who wants to provide “therapeutic massage” should have your videos for their therapists on site, to look at while they have down time. If more therapists out there had access to your modalities, and used them, the medical establishment would take massage therapy as a whole far more serious.” … Alex Conrad

“Hi Erik, I have taken a few of your classes, have bought several of your dvd’s too. Your techniques have enhanced my work so much and I really get positive results! Example: Your techniques for plantar faciitis saved one of my clients just in time for his event and he did his best personal record time.” … Tammy Wilson, AZ

“Super Techniques you can use immediately! So easy on both the bodywork therapist and client.” … Sarah, MN

“Thanks for the exceptional class. This is my type of learning. I will use these techniques in my practice every day! Looking forward to more workshops. Thanks!” Diane Sitter, MT

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