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Scoliosis and Massage Therapy

https://youtu.be/AjImkYyA-Xg From Technique Tour course During adolescence, most of us recall our mother’s marching orders to “Stand up straight!” Fortunately, standing up straight wasn’t a

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True Grit of Muscle Spasm

Much has been written about loss of flexibility and range of motion due to fascial contractures, trigger points, spasmodic muscles and the like, with less

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Iliosacral Upslips Technique

Treating Iliosacral Upslips

From Dynamic Lower Body course Asymmetrical Hips and Uneven Legs: Walking Silly Putty Although ‘creep’ is an engineering term, it also applies to human tissue…the

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The Bike Body: Massage for Cyclists

https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZutlHY1wn8Q From Dynamic Lower Body course Massage for Cyclists It’s astonishing the money and time many elite and “weekend-warrior” cyclists devote to retrofitting racing bikes

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